Vipnet, a Neostratus partner

It is very important to choose partners carefully and that is why we are happy to have achieved great cooperation with Neostratus who proved to be a professional and proactive partner.

Miljenko GraovacHead of Product and Device ManagementVipnet
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CE On-Demand’s first Partner Cloud solution launched in Austria.

CE On-Demand is proud to announce that its first “Partner Cloud” solution launches today in Austria, represented by “A1 Austria Cloud”. Cloud services and the cloud platform provided for ‘A1 Austria Cloud’ were all tailored to A1’s special needs, thus creating an independent cloud services provider from the incumbent fixed and mobile operator in Austria.

A1, the market leader on the Austrian telecommunications market signed a strategic cloud partnership with CE On-Demand in June 2011. A1 wanted to set up an in-house managed cloud platform for security-sensitive clients, who require local data management and storage. In a four month joint implementation effort, CE On-Demand helped A1 become the first Telco in Austria to provide cloud-based collaboration and communication solutions for the market, under the brand ‘A1 Austria Cloud’, making services available for 3.5 million residential and more than 700,000 business customers.

„ A1 is the first partner of CE On-Demand for whom we established a locally-run cloud solution, what we like to call Partner Cloud, according to the specific needs of A1 and the Austrian market. ‘A1 Austria Cloud’ has been integrated with and is managed by our Cloud Services Manager™ provisioning platform. We are confident, that with these productivity- and efficiency-enhancing IT solutions from the cloud, businesses in Austria will be able to save up to 50-80% on their communication costs in just 3 years.”– says Rainer Weinzettl, Regional General Manager of CE On-Demand.

„When developing the A1 Austria Cloud the functionality of the cloud was as important to us as its usability. The administration of the users can be easily done via a web interface. This is especially useful for small size companies with only a few employees as the know-how needed for setting up complex services is generally missing. Thus this often leads to basic security aspects not being covered. This issue is reduced significantly through the use of cloud services”, said Alexander Sperl, Chief Commercial Officer at A1.

For more information on A1 Austria Cloud please click here.