The next set of winners in the SaaS market will be companies that enhance interoperability and integrate cloud solutions into a single unified framework or control panel.
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Cloud Services Manager

The new module of Cloud Services Manager will enhance innovative cloud services delivery.

CE On-Demand announces the enhancement of the company’s provisioning and services deployment platform, the Cloud Services Manager™ (“CSM”), with the development of a new marketplace module to enable cloud services brokerage and a richer self-service customer experience. With this expansion of the CSM, CE On-Demand aims to help its partners become more successful cloud service providers by facilitating the consumption of a variety of cloud services with one consistent, branded user experience.

With years of experience and a proven track record in 17 countries across Europe, CE On-Demand is dedicated to assisting its partners in becoming cloud service providers through the delivery of seamlessly integrated cloud service portfolios. The company helps telcos, systems integrators and data centres in implementing their cloud strategies extremely quickly and cost-effectively with proven results. The new marketplace module will be easy to integrate into service provider partners’ existing portals and will build on CSM’s existing white-labelling, OSS/BSS integration and segment-specific provisioning capabilities. More importantly, the new add-on delivers innovative mobile-device optimization and an intuitive, easy-to-use customer interface, facilitating and expediting the consumption of cloud services.

Andras Tudos, Chief Technical Officer of CE On-Demand said: “While working with our partners across Europe and in potential new markets we have identified cloud brokerage models at the core of go-to-market success. With the introduction of the new marketplace module, we will further increase the flexibility of our Cloud Services Manager™ to better assist service provider relevance and customer loyalty through bundled and branded services, simplified self-service user interface and custom integration with any 3rd party cloud service provider or with existing services of the partner.”

The new marketplace offers a categorized product catalogues, with an unlimited number of services integrated into one, seamless portfolio. It adds rich product pages and a collection of signup, trial and campaign management tools which can be configured per partner. It is built on top of CSM’s hierarchical customer management with support for multiple service providers, resellers, companies and users. The catalogue may be customized for each segment and even tailored for single enterprise customers. The multi-language and currency support with web based translation tool allows CE On-Demand partners to benefit from customised UI content. Most importantly, the marketplace is designed to have a similar user experience consistently across any customer segment.