“We see a global trend towards cloud services due to increasingly powerful possibilities for data access. A1 is introducing CE On-Demand’s innovative and highly efficient technology to the Austrian market, adapting it to its special needs with a widespread local presence”
Alexander SperlA1 Chief Commercial OfficerNeostratusBudapest
CE On-Demand logo

The new brand will better express the company’s global scale of activities with special focus on go-to-market and cloud avisory services.

For the attention of customers, media and industry representatives!

Based on nearly 5 years of experience in the cloud enablement space, CE On-Demand will be rebranded as of mid-January 2013 to better express the company’s global scale of activities with special focus on go-to-market and cloud avisory services, and our commitment to show our partners and customers a new approach to cloud services enablement and delivery.

Whilst company management and values remain the same, the new brand will mark an important milestone in the organization’s history. Since its inception in 2008, CE On-Demand has been instrumental in creating cloud providers by assisting partners and end-users to realize and implement their cloud strategies. To date, the company has supported 28 partners in 17 countries in deploying their cloud strategy, 18 of which are major telecom operators.

The new brand will symbolise the global nature of the cloud services industry, where innovative technology and business models have combined to lift business IT to new heights. The brand will provide a definitive leap onto the global scene of cloud delivery and the expression of the company’s commitment to further transform the market with innovative technology, cloud business models, and go-to-market strategies to improve our existing and future partners’ global IT landscape.

Stay tuned for the official announcements of our rebranding next week and celebrate the dawn of a new era with us!

Should you have any further questions about the rebranding process, please feel free to contact Judit Szabo, Marketing and PR Manager at jszabo@ceondemand.com or turn to your account manager. Thank you!