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Personalized and safe cloud services available for SMEs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

CE On-Demand signed a strategic partner alliance with Vienna-based international, multivendor IT services provider, ACP to develop and manage a customised “Partner Cloud” solution for ACP’s customer base in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The cooperation will offer ACP’s customers a new combination of individually tailored cloud services and low prices to save costs – which will specifically attract medium sized businesses.

ACP offers three cloud services delivery models from its datacentres in Munich and Vienna: Private Cloud Services, providing the highest degree of separation and data management on dedicated servers; shared cloud services in a shared server environment and public cloud services.

According to this partnership, CE On-Demand will set up an in-house managed cloud platform, a so-called “Partner Cloud” solution for ACP, powered by CE On-Demand’s Cloud Services Manager™ provisioning platform.

“Our cloud speaks German”
ACP will combine private and public cloud services via the integration with CE On-Demand’s “Partner Cloud”. The customers will benefit from a range of advantages. The “Partner Cloud” will deliver a powerful provisioning tool and a Microsoft licence model to guarantee cost efficient and tailored services as well as safe data management in Austria and Germany. Furthermore, ACP will realise flexible and individual cloud services which will be delivered from the ACP Cloud Services Centers in Munich and Vienna, where all customer data will be stored.

ACP offers these cloud services for datacentre, infrastructure and application services such as messaging, communications and collaboration, CRM and backup solutions. With ACP Backup Cloud solutions customers can carry out automatic backups of their mobile clients directly in the ACP datacenter. Thus, loss of data due to theft or technical problems can be avoided. Communications and collaboration solutions will enable a quick and easy setup of communications infrastructure such as Microsoft SharePoint.

Rainer Weinzettl, Regional General Manager, CE On-Demand said: “CE On-Demand has now three years’ of experience in cloud services provisioning, over 1,5M end users on its platform and a presence in 13 countries. We are especially content that through our cooperation with ACP, businesses from their customer base will get access to the best of breed cloud technology and will be able to save up to 80% on communication costs in 3 years.”

“Our cloud speaks German. According to the demands of our customers in terms of safe data management as well as efficient prices and tailored services we continue to extend our portfolio. With our partner CE On-Demand we will provide individual, non-standardised cloud solutions at attractive prices for single services as well as entire IT infrastructures and will carry on to open the market for small and medium sized businesses”, said Dietmar Taurer, Head of Sales and Marketing, ACP Group.


About ACP IT Solutions:
Founded in 1993, the IT provider now has 900 employees in more than 25 locations in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. In fiscal year 2010/2011, the ACP Group generated sales of €362 million. ACP offers the complete range of vendor-independent, IT hardware, software, business solutions and IT-supported financing and business, government and organizations of any size.
For more information: www.acp.at