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Operating to and even above the standards of the ISO 270001 certificate evidences our determination to provide reliable and secure best-of-breed cloud infrastructure and software services. We believe that our investment in the integrity of infrastructure and the security of our services underline our dedication to create a competitive advantage for our sales partners and customers on all of our markets.

Andras CzermakCEONeostratus

Cloud Services Portfolio for our Service Provider Partners

Neostratus believes that competitive advantage in the SaaS market will be delivered by service differentiation and cloud providers must find service blends that address customer needs in ways that have not been previously available. It is vital that a cloud portfolio is flexible enough to combine global, local and traditional services in bundles that provide everything a customer requires but without surplus unused services.

The market now expects more than a “one-size-fits-all” range of products and providers must create propositions that target specific segments such as public sector, enterprise, SME/SoHo or consumer.

Neostratus has a portfolio of market-ready hosted global services such as messaging, collaboration and unified communications that can be branded for Service Provider partners, plus a range of 3rd party applications already installed within the Neostratus Cloud Services Manager. Additionally, Neostratus’ capabilities as a cloud broker ensure rapid deployment of new cloud applications into the partners portfolio.

Further, services bundles can be developed for specific customer segments and industry verticals.

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