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SaaS is a market that lacks substantive differenciation. Service Providers must blend services for unique propositions.
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Technical Features

Primary technical features of Cloud Services Manager:



  • Self-service portals for users, company administrators, resellers and partners
  • White label customization: branding and business logic
  • Hierarchical role based management rights
  • Direct access to all services, applications, settings, downloads and assistance


Service packaging

  • Services are ordered, managed and provisioned as packages
  • A package can include one or more services with a set of defined properties
  • There are base and add-on packages with dependencies control
  • Pricing can be set as one time or recurring monthly fees (per user or per company)


Hosted Service provisioning

  • Exchange 2013-based email
  • Fetcher add-on
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • Lync 2013
  • SharePoint 2013
  • Public websites
  • Backup Agent
  • Fax integration


3rd party Service interfaces:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Syndication Interface (MOSI)
  • Domain registration
  • SMS sending via SMSC integration



  • Customizable web service API for BSS integration
  • Simple, modular integration with partner’s or 3rd party services



  • Customizable reporting engine for any partner requirements



  • Bulk import function
  • Automated user management via predefined input file
  • Export functions
  • Migration tools and co-existence with existing services

White Labelling

Cloud Services Manager allows full white-label partner customization to help Service Provider partners function as independent cloud providers, selling locally under their own trusted brand.

White-labelling includes private-branded user interfaces, publications, custom workflows, and APIs. Thanks to white-labelling, end-users can enjoy the benefits of cloud in their own language, using their own local currency and adhering to their country’s legal requirements.

Cloud Monetisation

Cloud Services Manager is a software platform that facilitates the integration of any number of cloud services and enables their monetisation. Cloud Services Manager was developed to address weaknesses of off-the-shelf control panel software and to scale up to millions of users across hundreds of partners with highly-differentiated business models.

Technical Features

To see the consize list of technical features of Cloud Services Manager, please click on the link below!
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Cloud Services Manager can be fully integrated into Service Providers’ OSS and BSS systems. It also provides a simple, modular integration with Service Provider partner ecosystem or 3rd party services.

Integration with Service Provider’s Operations Support Systems will help partners manage, provision, and maintain new cloud services within the operations systems framework they are accustomed to. Integration with Business Support Systems will help customers manage all bills and payments from one single gateway.

Administration Hierarchy

Cloud Services Manager was inherently designed to provide the most convenient management platform for Service Providers, which includes an administration hierarchy that allows customers to delegate responsibilities between users, company administrators, resellers and partners. Service Providers have the privilege to assign different roles and rights to the separate user levels.

CSM Value Proposition

Read our value proposition of Cloud Services Manager and learn about how this platform enables cloud brokerage easily and seamlessly!
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