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The four new services are good examples of advantages offered by the cloud market concerning the time needed for the launch of certain products. It is very important to choose partners carefully and that is why we are happy to have achieved great cooperation with Neostratus who proved to be a professional and proactive partner
Miljenko GraovacHead of Product and Device ManagementVipnet

Significant cost and complexity of IT outsourcing models challenge business productivity of Enterprises of all sizes. Not only do organisations face increased competition and margin pressure, but demands for IT mobility, increased upgrade cycles and multi-screen availability are customer requirements that Enterprises have to comply with in order to maintain their revenue base. Flexible contracting relationships of pay as you grow licensing based on actual usage, instead of long term licensing commitments, are also increasingly popular as cloud awareness grows.

Don’t get left behind!

Enterprises now have the opportunity of utilizing cloud computing solutions instead of in-house or outsourced IT for competitive advantage through cost savings and, more importantly, business innovation with vastly improved collaboration among business partners and customers.

Leverage the benefits of cloud!

Deploying a cloud services portfolio as an integrated business solution is not a simple task. However, a cloud services portfolio deployed efficiently from the right cloud enabler can address two important business goals: reduced IT cost and increased business efficiency.

Benefits of Partnership with Neostratus

Neostratus helps Enterprises to quickly deploy relevant end-user services based in their own data centres in a Private Cloud Setup, or in a Hybrid Cloud Setup where global regional and in-house-managed applications are combined into one seamless services portfolio. Neostratus’ cloud enablement services delivered through the award-winning cloud services deployment platform, the Cloud Services Manager, can increase Enterprises’ efficiency and productivity through white labelled, customised services, integrated into an organisation’s core infrastructure and IT services portfolio.

Cloud Services Manager

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