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As an investment fund, DBH searches for, analyzes and invests into future top-performers in the market who have the potential to become global players in their industries. Neostratus is a company that is on track to be considered a role model in this respect. We expect much from them and so far they have delivered.

Sándor ErdeiChairman-CEODBH Investments
Marketplace Value Proposition

B2B Cloud Brokerage Platform

A marketplace inherently designed to reveal the business logic behind the service provider’s portfolio.

Deploying a cloud services portfolio as an integrated business solution is not a simple task. In order to effectively drive sales and services take-up, it is essential to complement core services portfolio with cloud services bundles. Cloud Brokerage integrated with platform and services delivery solutions from Neostratus can increase Service Provider relevance and customer loyalty through white-labelled, bundled services, integrated into Service Providers’ core infrastructure and service offering. The Neostratus Marketplace is inherently designed as a B2B cloud brokerage platform, enhancing both sales and take-up of cloud services.

Sales Enhancement Tool

A bunch of unconventional tools and solutions that help Service Provider Sales people to boost their sales numbers.

The Neostratus Marketplace is more than just a simple catalogue of cloud services. Its revolutionary features include a home page dedicated to dynamic links such as Business Solutions, Case Studies or Service Promotions to drive users to highlighted solutions and bundles via themes and tags. The Marketplace Catalogue lists reseller-defined Categories and Products with Add-ons and Related Products to drive up-sell and cross-sell, while the whole Catalogue is enhanced with an intelligent tagging structure and full text search to help user orientation and information.

Revolutionary Services Presentation

A marketplace that will help Service Providers integrate the cloud portfolio with an existing telecoms offering.

The Neostratus Marketplace module, as an integrated component of the award-winning Cloud Services Manager, is designed to provide a professional B2B cloud brokerage tool to Service Providers.
The Marketplace is fully customisable and offers a clear, user-friendly admin environment for Service Providers who wish to integrate their cloud portfolio into their existing telecoms offering, while empowering end-users with a self-service portal which is intuitive, easy to use, and drives services usage, as well as up-sell / cross-sell scenarios.

Integrated Module of CSM

The Marketplace module is an integrated component of Neostratus’ provisioning and orchestration portal the Cloud Services Manager (”CSM”), with automated package assignments and real-time provisioning of services. Marketplace administration is simplified by an easy-to-use, mobile-friendly html editing environment, while Company Administrators (the target audience of the Marketplace module) are able to monitor their services stock and status any time under My Services menu.

A consize shopping logic enables Company Administrators to edit and manage the Main Page, the Catalogue, all Product Pages and the Basket.