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Medical portal in cloud case study

Healthcare Made Interactive Through Innovative Cloud Solution of Neostratus Customer, Artworks Publications Ltd., Cyprus.

Iatrikos Kosmos (which translates to “Medical World”) is a web portal where information and communication is developed into an innovative network between health specialists and every web visitor that is interested in health issues. It is an interactive and up-to-date online medical community, where information and communication is utilized most effectively.

Customer Profile
Artworks Publications Ltd is the first company specialized in medical publications in Cyprus. Artworks Publications began operations in 2003 and has since successfully continued to give healthcare professionals accurate and continuous information on current health issues.

Website: http://www.artworks.com.cy

Medical Portal site: http://www.iatrikoskosmos.com/

Software and Services Used

  • Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Microsoft Lync 2010

Business Needs
Artworks Publications Ltd. has been specializing in medical publications since 2003. Ever since their foundation they wanted to provide the Cypriot health experts the opportunity to be constantly updated on current health issues faced both in-country and abroad. They are dedicated to raising the standards of medical services in Cyprus and to improving the flow of information between patients and health specialists.

To improve communication between parties of the medical community, i.e. doctors, pharmacists, nurses, medical students and patients, they were looking for an online solution that is able to store and share all medical information accumulated through the years, as well as encourage an efficient, quick and easy interaction between patients and doctors.

Therefore, Artworks Publications partnered Neostratus (called CE On-Demand that time), the leading cloud services enabler in the wider region of Central Europe, to build a cloud platform for a medical portal that would make it possible to:

  • Enable an interactive medical community;
  • Provide limitless storage space for an online medical encyclopedia that is easy to use and constantly updated;
  • Provide a one-stop-shop for all issues regarding health and medicine.

Through the cooperation of the three rofessional parties in their relevant business areas, a pioneering solution was born in the form of a web-based medical portal, with all data managed and stored in the cloud.

Iatrikos Kosmos (which translates to “Medical World”) is a web portal where information and communication is developed into an innovative network between health specialists and every web visitor that is interested in health issues. It is an interactive and up-to-date online medical community, where information and communication is utilized most effectively.

On account of Microsoft’s reliable technology delivered through the cloud safely by Neostratus, along with the years of experience of Artworks Publications in medical information in Cyprus, www.iatrikoskosmos.com is ready to offer numerous A to Z indexes and many other tools for doctors and patients/consumers. It is also the first website in Cyprus built on Microsoft SharePoint.

George Vouvakos, Director of Artworks Publications Ltd. said: “Iatrikos Kosmos was created in order to cover the gap in online Greek medical information and also to enforce collaboration between health specialists. It is a multiple-use tool with many strong features and we are confident that every health expert will be making the most of these in his or her daily work.

Benefits of the portal, iatrikoskosmos.com
A to Z lists of all Drugs available in the Cypriot market, with cross references to the A to Z of all Active Ingredients which is a true novelty in online medical information sharing in the Greek language. All doctors, health centers and pharmacies can be found via an A to Z index with locations on the map, along with daily on-duty pharmacies. Doctors have their personal email account in the iatrikoskosmos domain as well as their own MySite, which is effectively their own personal website as it may be accessed via an independent URL. There is even the possibility of booking an appointment with a doctor which is offered via the Calendar feature of MySite.

Cytanet, the largest Internet Service Provider in Cyprus also raises the value of the portal by providing the capability of live streaming. Conferences, events and even medical surgery can be watched online live by any health specialist who is registered on www.iatrikoskosmos.com. These videos will also be archived for on-demand usage by members. All these features are offered to health specialists who register for the very inexpensive 6-month or annual subscription.

Patients/consumers can register for the portal free of charge and can have access to most A to Z lists described above and all Forum Discussions, even being able to start a new thread under their chosen theme, whereby doctors can also participate. They can directly contact a member-doctor or pharmacist via the portal by sending an email to their personal addresses. Important and useful articles are updated daily and categorized by interest: men, women, children, senior citizens, dietary advice and general medical news.

After a quick and free registration at the portal iatrikoskosmos.com users can access:

  • Full records detailing information about ingredients and benefits of 3,500 drugs available in Cyprus (including packaging, price, active ingredients, strength, agents)
  • Indexes in all doctors, pharmacies and health centers in Cyprus, with contact details and geographical locations
  • Online communication services with members of the medical portal
  • Forum discussions with other registered users, including doctors

Benefits of the Cloud Solution
By means of all medical information stored and made available online, registered users can benefit from the qualities of Cloud Communication, i.e.:

  • Quick, easy and free access to an online encyclopedia of medical knowledge
  • Always up-to-date information
  • Live interaction between doctors, pharmacists and patients to reduce the risks and increase the efficiency of medical activities.

Viktor Kovács, Founder and CCO of Neostratus said: “We are pleased and proud that through the innovative solutions of our partners and by means of our cloud enablement, users of the Iatrikos Kosmos medical portal can now have access to the most up-to-date medical information flow available online in Greek. We are confident that this solution will improve communication between patients and doctors and will eventually raise healthcare standards in Cyprus.