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Neostratus’ Email Services are available in a multitude of packages, the most popular being: 

  • Basic Mail with 1 GB mailbox and a custom company domain name
  • Business Mail with 5 GB mailbox, additional mobile synchronisation and BlackBerry support
  • Manager Mail with 25 GB mailbox, mobile synchronisation, BlackBerry support, and an extended feature list

Available Add-ons:

  • Outlook Client Software
  • Fax2Mail
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server
  • Additional mailbox spaces

All of Neostratus’ Hosted Email Services are based on Microsoft Exchange 2013, providing the latest technology with the best user experience that makes huge amount of email traffic easily manageable and accessible anytime, on any mobile device with an internet connection.

Basic Mail provides a unified company domain and functions such as a personal assistant helping the user organise meetings, follow up tasks and keeping track of private and business contacts. With Business and Manager Mail services, emails are delivering the same functionality and interface on PCs, smartphones or tablets, so the user can stay connected with emails, calendars and tasks synchronized on all devices. Business and Manager Mail services support people and organizations as their work habits evolve from simple one-way communication to a collaboration focus.

Neostratus’ Email Services based on Microsoft Exchange 2013 deliver the following extended capabilities:


Messaging with Mobility

  • Mailboxes, contacts and calendars may be accessed anytime from any internet connection and synchronized to smartphones and tablets
  • up to 25 GB mailbox size per user
  • Exchange 2013 offering greater integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Lync
  • External (like personal) mailboxes can be integrated in one interface using Fetcher feature
  • Delivery and read receipts can be requested, tagging and follow-up with reminders are available
  • Search feature looks for keywords in subject lines, message bodies and in attachments fast and effective
  • When Conversations feature is turned on, messages that share the same subject appear as conversations that can be viewed expanded or collapsed
  • Emails can be categorised to user-defined categories (like private, work, partner, etc.) shown with colors and applied with a single click
  • Emails can be flagged to become tasks in the to-do list, with start and due date (shown in calendar) and with customised reminders
  • Journaling lets you record a copy of all email communications in your organization and send them to a dedicated mailbox on an Exchange Server
  • Archiving lets you store those copies in a separate environment for the purposes of regulatory compliance, data retention, or server maintenance.
  • Users can receive notification of new posts of their favorite websites through RSS feed that the system handles the same way as emails
  • Automatic Out-of-Office reply to incoming mails may be set for the duration of vacation
  • Litigation Hold: there may be legal issues when an organization is required to preserve electronically stored information (including e-mail) that’s relevant to the case. The Manager Mail solution allows litigation hold to preserve mailbox items while keeping the litigation hold transparent from the user and enabling discovery searches of items placed on hold
  • Outlook 2013 client available as add-on
  • BlackBerry services available as add-on


Calendar, Tasks and Meetings

  • Full calendar functionality for meetings and appointments with daily, weekly and monthly views
  • Meeting or recurring events requests may be sent as emails, recipients can accept or decline the request using voting buttons or propose new. The service also works with most non-Microsoft mail solutions.
  • A meeting request can automatically book a selected meeting room and it may contain attachments (like presentations, agreement templates, etc.)
  • Scheduling Assistant may be used to find a suitable time for the planned meeting
  • Calendar items may be tagged as Private
  • Calendars may be shared within or outside the organization even with non-Exchange users
  • Reminders may be set for calendar items on all mobile devices to remind the user for important events


Handling Contacts and Groups of Contacts

  • Contacts can be categorised to user-defined categories (like private, work, partner, etc.)
  • Contacts can be organised into groups (like colleagues, friends, etc.)
  • Users can merge contacts from multiple sources to provide a single view of a person, by linking contact information pulled from multiple locations


Security, Reliability

  • The service contains virus and spam filtering to protect against unsolicited email or information theft
  • High reliability storage systems prevent loss of data, even emails deleted by mistake can be recovered within a given time
  • Data loss prevention (DLP) can help keep your organisation safe from users mistakenly sending sensitive information to unauthorized people. DLP helps you identify, monitor, and protect sensitive data through deep content analysis.


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