The four new services are good examples of advantages offered by the cloud market concerning the time needed for the launch of certain products. It is very important to choose partners carefully and that is why we are happy to have achieved great cooperation with Neostratus who proved to be a professional and proactive partner
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Blog post from Andras Tudos (CTO, Neostratus) from the Telco Cloud World Conference at London.

Walking among the crowds of operators, service providers and telco professionals today at the Telco Cloud World Forum in London, I had the impression that all these people here really have plans with the cloud – they are here with a purpose. I didn’t have this impression a few years ago, while attending similar conferences around the world. The cloud is now approaching maturity; it’s no longer a vague and trendy term used and understood only by IT professionals. And it’s certainly not hype any more when cloud is identified as one of the key revenue generators for operators over the next 24 months (according to the latest Telecoms.com Industry Survey). The speed of uptake and rate of change has surprised even those of us who believed three years ago that cloud services would provide the next technological advance.

What is new with cloud in B2B?

Large enterprises and public sector organizations have started to adopt the global trend of transforming their IT services into a utility usage model through the delivery of cloud services via their internal IT departments or through a trusted outsourcing partner.

In my view, there is limited difference in the key characteristics of private and public cloud infrastructures: both must be cost-efficient, highly scalable and secure, and they need to offer customizable self-service and integration capabilities.

However, when it comes to telcos and enterprises, we experience two more important expectations towards the cloud: it should be easy to install and marketable in the shortest possible timeframe.

The Neostratus solution – Cloud in a Box

Neostratus has continually worked to develop options that provide complete, managed solutions that can scale from low-cost, entry level up to millions of users, thus fulfilling IT needs of smaller enterprises through services providers up to large enterprises or public sector deployments. We have been constantly expanding our services portfolio to better serve the business needs of our customers. First, as a SaaS provider through public cloud, then a private cloud provider, we experienced many sleepless nights when developing our partners’ infrastructural background to provide a seamless integration with our Cloud Services Manager.

We thought that an all-in-one Cloud in a Box solution, combining our suite of cloud services with the infrastructure kit of a hardware provider could not only solve these technological nightmares but would also reduce our provisioning cycle considerably.

We needed a reliable, comprehensive and credible cloud player to help us deliver enhanced offerings to the market and to provide a simplified cloud enablement experience to telcos, systems integrators and large enterprises.

IBM PureSystems to power the all-in-one Cloud in a Box solution

Neostratus chose IBM PureSystems to deliver cloud services in a joint go-to-market initiative with IBM which initially targets the Central European, Russian, and CIS markets. The offer combines IBM PureSystems with Neostratus’ cloud platform to deliver a pre-integrated Cloud in a Box solution, with a full suite of cloud services into the telco and enterprise markets.

Combining Neostratus services with IBM’s solutions and delivering the package through our Cloud Services Manager will be transformational on the market in the ease of installation and the time to market, so I truly believe that the joint solution will lift cloud services enablement to a new level for the market.

How will it work?

The complete Cloud in a Box solution is being pre-configured by Neostratus based on IBM PureSystems. The customer gets a complete pre-tested, ready-to-run solution where only minor customer-specific customizations and integration might be required, most of which can be prepared before shipping in a test environment. The Cloud in a Box platforms include complete remote operation and support provided by Neostratus, while IBM is providing the hardware support, which includes quick replacement of failed parts on-site.

The Cloud in the Box approach is shortening the time to market and lowering the cost of market entry for cloud service providers. At the same time, it is a great pre-packaged private cloud platform for medium or large enterprises, especially where a modern scalable, self-service oriented approach utilising the latest technology is needed. We are focusing on the service delivery capabilities with automation, integration, multi-tenancy, branding and not on the infrastructure itself. Therefore, the solution offers much more compared to what the typical virtualization infrastructure providers can offer.

Creating cloud providers made easy

There is a difference between the old-way of cloud services implementation that can take up to 18 months and a simplified, 3-month, full cloud implementation process, isn’t it?

Author: Andras Tudos, CTO, Neostratus