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The introduction of unified communication services to our organisation made a huge impact on our internal communication flow, making it easier to cope with the 20+% increase in the number of emergency calls year-on-year. Thanks to the business productivity-enhancing qualities of the solution, Hungarian Water Rescue Services has saved thousands of Euros in travel and communication costs and liberated over 1,500 man-days every year in staff resources.


Forbes magazine, the leading media company providing information services to business leaders, professionals, and investors has featured a profile of Neostratus in its January 2014 Hungarian edition.

In its New Year issue, Forbes’ recently launched Hungarian edition ran a special profile of internationally recognised Hungarian businesses. Forbes profiled success stories of four IT companies headquartered in Budapest that have achieved outstanding results in the international world of digital IT services. Neostratus is highlighted as the highest-revenue enterprise in that profile.

In the 2-page article, Neostratus founder Viktor Kovács, and CEO Tamás Soós relate the history of the company and share their experiences on turning a Hungarian IT start-up into an internationally-recognised cloud services provider, ranked among the top 5 cloud enablers for Telcos by Informa Telecoms & Media in 2012. The interview touches upon the rebranding from Central Europe On-Demand into Neostratus in January 2013 as a milestone of the company’s global expansion, on the choice of product and services portfolio in a highly-competitive enterprise software market, on the competitiveness and professionalism of Hungarian engineering teams in the international tech arena and on plans to continue to build Neostratus into a global brand.

To read the full-length article, please refer to Forbes’ Hungary edition, issued on 2nd January 2014. For more information visit http://www.forbes.hu