“We see a global trend towards cloud services due to increasingly powerful possibilities for data access. A1 is introducing CE On-Demand’s innovative and highly efficient technology to the Austrian market, adapting it to its special needs with a widespread local presence”
Alexander SperlA1 Chief Commercial OfficerNeostratusBudapest

Learn about the imporatnce of partnerships with Telcos in the Neostratus business model, and see video interview with Viktor Kovacs.

Viktor Kovács, Founder and CCO of Neostratus participated at 8th annual Telecom Finance conference 2013 in London, end of January. At a panel discussion together with executives from Etisalat, Avea, Vimpelcom and Lycamobile, Viktor was discussing the topic of partnerships as an alternative to M&A in the telecoms industry.

Neostratus puts particular emphasis on partnership in that our business model is reliant on partner success so we include an end-to-end advisory stream to help telcos through this difficult process. Our partners choose a partnership rather than M&A or in-house development for their suite of cloud services based on time, cost and expertise. They understand that they would be disadvantaged in gaining early mover status, would be required to commit large expense and would need to develop non-core skills to deliver their cloud business portfolio, so a partnership makes perfect sense for them.

The partnership model can reduce risk in entering new and transformational service areas by creating a staged investment scenario whereby the telco is able to test markets rapidly and provides the flexibility to learn without large outlays. By partnering with a flexible, agile company, the time and cost of taking services to market can be reduced to levels which simply could not be achieved through an M&A process.

According to Neostratus, the partnerships that will prevail in 2013 will be based on integration of assets that quickly leverage the best resources from each partner.
“In our business the telcos provide the network infrastructure and customer relationships whilst Neostratus provide cloud enablement. As we have wide experience of a number of scenarios, we are able to adapt to a specific partner’s strengths. M&A often fails to deliver this and is reliant on a smooth integration of legacy systems & processes which is costly in time & resource to achieve.” – said Viktor Kovacs, Founder and CCO of Neostratus at the panel.


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