The next set of winners in the SaaS market will be companies that enhance interoperability and integrate cloud solutions into a single unified framework or control panel.
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Kaan Terzioglu

Kaan Terzioglu has joined CE On-Demand’s Supervisory Board as an independent member.

Mr. Terzioglu has over 20 years’ of experience in the field of finance and strategic planning. He started his career in Arthur Andersen and Co. as a financial advisor and later lead its Digital Strategy Practice for the Benelux Region. Kaan had joined Cisco in 1999, where he has lead eBusiness Consulting operations, Advanced Technology Sales, Architectural Sales, Central and Eastern Europe Operation, and Central Asia Operation before taking-on the global leadership role for Competitive Strategy and New Business Models as VP of Strategy and Operations.

“We are delighted that Kaan has accepted this nomination as an independent member of CE On-Demand’s Supervisory Board. His in-depth knowledge of global ICT markets, and his experience in strategic planning and operations will help CE On-Demand continue to exceed partners’ and customers’ business and services expectations while we drive growth and innovation across our business,”– said Viktor Kovacs, Founder, CCO and Chairman of the Supervisory Board, CE On-Demand.

“I am very excited to join the supervisory board of CE On-Demand. As public and private cloud technologies become mainstream, Central Europe is the perfect platform to access not only the established markets in Europe but also for the high growth economies of Turkey, Middle East and Central Asia,” – said Kaan Terzioglu, Member of the Supervisory Board, CE On-Demand and Vice President, Cisco.

CE On-Demand’s Supervisory Board members are:
Viktor Kovacs, Chairman of the Board, Founder and CCO, CE On-Demand
Brent Muckridge, CFO, CE On-Demand
Kristóf Bárány, Investment Director, DBH Investment
György Herczku, Board Member of DBH Investment
Ian Perry, Non-Executive Director at Eseye Ltd. and at Cloudmark
Simon Roth, Co-Founder of ELGAN Group
Kaan Terzioglu, Vice President, Cisco