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Si.mobil Slovenia is extending its portfolio with new cloud services from Central Europe On-Demand.

​Today Si.mobil, the Slovenian subsidiary of Telekom Austria Group, presented a new range of services for business users named Popolna pisarna (The Perfect Office). The new offer includes – among others – cloud services from Central Europe On-Demand (“CE On-Demand”).

The Perfect Office will present the first end-to-end offer of business communication solutions in Slovenia. Along with mobile voice and data services Si.mobil will provide its business clients with all necessary hardware and software, as well as professional IT support that they require for modern business operations and communications. The Perfect Office will include four groups of services: mobile telephony and mobile data transfer services, cloud computing services (also from CE On-Demand), computer hardware and accessories, fixed-line telephony and broadband internet access services, which are expected to launch next year.

With this strategic partnership CE On-Demand expands its footprint to eleven countries, and now has presence with cloud services provisioning in Slovenia as well. The service offer for Si.mobil includes Microsoft-technology based messaging, collaboration and communication services delivered through CE On-Demand’s cloud.

“Telekom Austria Group is a market leader across the CEE region, and for that reason we are pleased and proud to launch our joint cloud services with Si.mobil in Slovenia. We are confident that our cloud platform and provisioned services will help Si.mobil to expand its market share among business customers and raise the reputation and value of cloud computing in the country – moreover we are looking forward to seeing the cost and productivity benefits which Slovenian companies will realize by taking advantage of these world-class services.” – said Viktor Kovács, Chief Sales Officer, Central Europe On-Demand.

Boštjan Škufca Zaveršek, Sales Director at Si.mobil added: “The Perfect Office brings a new dimension of mobility, availability and efficient business operations. Si.mobil understands the business world and business users’ needs. That is the reason why we decided to expand our range and offer new services as a response to the demands of modern business operations. Cloud computing is not widespread yet, but research predicts that its use will increase significantly in the next few years, with only a minority of businesses opting to purchase and maintain their own IT infrastructure.”


About Si.mobil
Si.mobil is the most attractive communications provider in Slovenia. It provides its users with state of the art services and products. Its high performance network is based on advanced technologies that provide data transfer speed of up to 21Mbps. Si.mobil earned the trust of more than 630,000 users, which make up for a 29.6% share of the Slovenian market.