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As an investment fund, DBH searches for, analyzes and invests into future top-performers in the market who have the potential to become global players in their industries. Neostratus is a company that is on track to be considered a role model in this respect. We expect much from them and so far they have delivered.

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Monetising Services for SMEs

Sophie Papasavva

Guest post from Sophie Papasavva, Partner at EMFC Loan Syndications, on cloud potential for telcos in emerging markets. 

Neostratus is happy to share the excellent read from our highly respected loan banker contact, Sophie Papasavva, who has outstanding expertise in dealing with businesses in emerging markets. Her article provides practical advice for telcos on how to monetise cloud services for SMEs to provide significant revenue growth, reduce customer churn and raise ARPU.

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How Soon Before Africa Clouds Over?

sophie papasavva and viktor kovács

​Exclusive read from Viktor Kovács (CE On-Demand) and Sophie Papasavva (EM Finance Consulting) as appeared on Africa Telecom and IT site.

Telecom operators in the African continent should embrace the cloud, as it enables exciting value added services to become available on feature phones, at significantly lower costs and with fast go-to-market results, say Viktor Kovács, and Sophie Papasavva.

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Cloud Computing – A Not So Obvious Opportunity for Telcos

sophie papasavva and viktor kovács

Second part of exclusive article for Telcos, appeared in Teletimes International July 2012 issue.

ITU estimates 1.2 billion of the world’s 5.8 billion mobile subscribers were active mobile broadband users at the end of 2011. At 20% smartphone penetration, the business opportunity for cloud services to penetrate 1.2 billion subscribers is clear, with e-mail, unified communications, collaboration and storage type services being the most obvious. What many telecom operators have yet to recognise is the opportunity that lies with the 4.6 billion mobile users worldwide who do not have access to latest technology devices. Telcos should look to cloud service providers’ expertise in cloud enablement services for feature phones. Strategic partnerships with players that can assist the telco in quickly monetising the cloud for low ARPU, pre-paid subscribers are key. The benefits of partnership are clear: faster conversion from feature phone to smartphone and all the benefits of higher ARPU.

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Cloud Computing – An Obvious Opportunity for Telcos

sophie papasavva and viktor kovács

An exclusive read from our Founder, Viktor Kovacs, and Sophie Papasavva, Partner at EM Finance Consulting, appeared in Teletimes International.

An exclusive article appeared in June issue of Teletimes International magazine, written by Viktor Kovacs, Founder and CCO of CE On-Demand and Sophie Papasavva, Partner at EM Finance Consulting.

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