“We see a global trend towards cloud services due to increasingly powerful possibilities for data access. A1 is introducing CE On-Demand’s innovative and highly efficient technology to the Austrian market, adapting it to its special needs with a widespread local presence”
Alexander SperlA1 Chief Commercial OfficerNeostratusBudapest
Telenor, a Neostratus partner

Telenor Hungary announced the official launch of Webiroda, a suite of productivity-enhancing services for businesses based on cloud technology.

Telenor Hungary today announced the official launch of their suite of productivity-enhancing services for businesses at a press event held in Budapest. The products include ’Webiroda’, a combination of cost-effective messaging, collaboration and communication services based on Microsoft technology, delivered securely from the cloud by CE On-Demand.

Frank Klausz, Chief Corporate Development Officer of Telenor said at the press conference that „the Cloud is the natural area where telecommunications meets IT. Market direction indicates that the future will be determined by the interaction of cloud services with mobile devices.”

Judit Sipos, Corporate Sales Director of Telenor added that „With Webiroda, SoHos and SMEs can reduce their IT costs by over 65% in just 3 years.”

CE On-Demand is pleased about the success of Telenor Hungary’s Webiroda service, and proud to be the cloud services enabler of Telenor in Hungary and the CEE region. Webiroda’s success strengthens our vision of creating and enabling successful cloud services providers in Central Europe and beyond.” – said Viktor Kovács, Founder and Chief Commercial Officer of CE On-Demand.